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OHC || OneHeckofaCookie

Everybody has their own hobbies. Mine just happens to be baking.

Well that hobby turned into something much more.

It all started when we were preparing for my older sister, Kristin’s, baby shower. I wanted to do something cute and special for her thank-you gifts and cookies came to mind. Not your typical chocolate chip cookies. I mean those fancy royal icing sugar cookies that you see all over Pinterest. And hey! Pinterest was a great place to start.

I found my cut out sugar cookie recipe and a royal icing recipe and went on to practice a week before the shower. I, of course, had to make sure that I knew what I was doing! I googled tutorials, browsed Pinterest, and just winged it!

My first batch was… well, we’ll just say a great way of finding what NOT to do. I didn’t think at the time to take pictures of those cookies, and don’t worry. You’re not missing out on anything. So, I tried again. Practice makes perfect, right? And again, and again.

Finally, I got the cookies to where I wanted them.

And they were a hit!

People actually thought that we had them specially made.

And that’s when the requests started coming in.

Someone wanted some baby shower cookies for a little boy, another wanted tiger cookies for their daughter’s birthday party, another wanted cookies and cupcakes for an airplane-themed baby shower. My little sister wanted me to help her make some ice cream cone cookies to say thank you to a friend.

And be prepared.

This is where the picture overload begins.

I was starting to get a hang of this cookie decorating thing!

When Ian’s first birthday rolled around, we threw him a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party (since it was his favorite!). So, of course, I had to make something special, I created his smash cake for his first birthday photos, I made Mickey Mouse cupcakes (sadly, I forgot to take pictures of those!), and special Mickey Mouse chocolate-covered Oreo treats!

More birthdays and celebrations came and gone and I was baking and decorating my little heart out!

This far into the game, people started telling me that I just needed to start a cookie decorating business. I don’t know about you, but that just seemed like a lot to me! But I pondered the idea. I figured I’d start with at least a website,

and that’s how OneHeckofaCookie was born!

I wanted a way so people could find me and also see the work that I’ve already done! I also have a Facebook and an Instagram!

So to continue on with my baking adventure…

And when December finally arrived, that also meant the arrival of Christmas cookies! This past Christmas season, I made over 450 cookies! I had SO MUCH FUN decorating these cookies and can’t wait to do some again this coming Christmas!

The beginning of this year was a bit more tough. I was recovering from the holiday rush, my family had just bought our new house and were renovating to make it our home, AND we found out some more big news… that Ian was going to be a BIG BROTHER! (AKA morning sickness hit me HARD!)

Before my morning sickness completely took me out of commission for a few months, I was able to bust out some treats for birthday celebrations, Valentine’s and my personal favorite, mine and Taylor’s friends, Sarah and Nathan, had a Harry Potter themed gender reveal for their new baby (who by the way, is a WITCH!)

When I finally was well into my second trimester, I was able to start baking again (without being extremely ill) and OHHHH how I missed it. The calmness and happiness that it brings me! But not only was I doing cookies, a majority of my orders were actually for cupcakes! And I didn’t mind one bit.

You can check all of these out, plus more on my website!

Click here now! Come on you know you want to!


If you asked me to bake anything two years ago, it would have come straight from a box. I was all about that Pillsbury and Duncan Hines, not that they still don’t have their moments on a lazy day. But the one thing that makes me really proud about the baking that I do now, is that everything is from scratch. My batters, my dough, my icing, my frosting, all from scratch. I’ve researched and tested and tasted so many different variations of recipes finding the most delicious. I also try to go above and beyond with my packaging and cupcake decorations if asked! I love to create tags and I love it when people say “I trust your judgement. Do what you want!” That really let’s me get creative!

And I’m always in the market to try something new, so if anyone ever wants anything, they can always ask me and I will put in the work!

I know that I still have room for improvement. But for a self-taught treat making mom, I’m proud of what I’ve done. It all started with OneHeckofaCookie and now I’m doing cupcakes, cakes, chocolate-covered treats and so much more!

So I want to thank everyone who has supported me and my fast growing hobby! And I hope that one day maybe I can bake and create for you too!

Much Love,



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